Hey guys!

I’m a Consultant/Freelancer/Maker and I work for a few companies who need my service. I’m an Electronics & Communications Engineer who has passed out from BITS Edu Campus, Vadodara. I code and work with hardware and software, I’m compatible with both of them.

I’ll cut to the chase if you’re here to check My Mozilla Story. This accounts for a few or most of the events I’ve been a part of. Check it out?

Where do I work?

I’m currently working with Intel as a Consultant and as a Mentor to the students I give tinkering sessions to, in different cities for a community building project!

COO of a gaming startup. Who would’ve thought? Hey, I play games, okay?

Paradox Gamers is what we call it, and we are working to uplift the current scenario of e-Sports in India. India needs to have a platform for people who can game and have the skills!

I’m also a Regional Coordinator for Mozilla Gujarat and also in their Documentation team because, all of this is documented and I’m not the champion but hey, I like to document my experiences! Apart from that, I try and contribute wherever I can, for Mozilla! Here’s my Mozillians Profile, if you wanna check anything!

I’m also working as a Research Intern for Luminati Clothing Co. and it’s really cool! We make smart garments, okay? I’ll link up the MakeFashion garment soon!

I’m also a part of groups like HeyHi and many more to contribute wherever I can, socially!

I’ve been the CTO and Design Lead of a Non-Profit which works in 2-Tier cities to uplift  Women In Tech. It’s called GirlScript! Cool, isn’t it?

And well, I also used to work as a writer for EssentiallySports.

Why am I important to you?

Maybe you can contact me to write some stuff for you, some online content or maybe even poems, it’s your call! Or maybe if you want some information about the Campus Clubs program or you want to know anything about Activate Mozilla or WebVR or Rust or Inclusion or Decentralization and mainly, IoT, or maybe just for an event I was a part of!

You probably have a lot to type, Contact me!

Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | LinkedIn | khanna.praanshu@gmail.com

Cheerio 🙂