Hey Guys!

This is just my second post and I’m gonna write about my first event as a Firefox Student Ambassador here. It was the inaugural event of our college’s club, The BITFox Club!


It was an amazing experience, organizing and managing the event and watching how enthusiastic the audience was!

Our guests were Mozilla Reps, Siddhartha Rao and Ankit Mehta.

The event kick-started with a pinch of our very own Indian traditions as we lit a lamp for Goddess Saraswati who is known to be the God of Knowledge, and proceeded with her blessings. The Principal of the college had a few beautiful words to say who were followed by our very own MozReps Ankit Mehta, Siddhartha Rao and the BITFox Club Leader Miten Kashiyani.


After this, the session started with an introduction of Mozilla and a lot of fun. The hosts of the event were fun enough to keep each and every student glued to their seats and encouraged enough to hear answers of almost every question. They distributed swag like anything, they had to! Some answers were spot on and brilliant. They knew so much about the Mozilla products and were already a part of the Open Source Society like Mozilla is. The hosts of the day appreciated their knowledge with giving out even more swag!

Piracy is an issue in today’s world and the hosts specially took time out and let us take a look at the Privacy Month, and their agenda!


After a while, they called it a lunch break as the students were really hungry but even after that they rushed onto them to know what’s next and had so many queries. Both Siddhatha and Ankit were flooded with students asking them questions and they cleared them all as the students left the Auditorium eager and encouraged to attend the second half of the session.

The second half of the session opened with happy and hungry faces, hungry for knowledge. The real deal was here, how could they contribute? Students had their eyes wide open, ears all stood up because they want to do. They heard everything about being a Mozillian in the first half and they were thrilled to hear about it and they had set their target, to be one of them.

They listened through it, all of it. The Reps gave us insights about everything we can do to contribute and it was simple. If you’re technically skilled, contribute and if you’re not, you can still contribute! Ankit and Siddhartha guided them with every Hows, Whats and Whos they had. They covered the following topics:

Technical-Non Technical, everybody can contribute? They all were excited and asked what next? There it was! BITFox Club, in their own college and that’s why it had opened, to contribute because we are here to make a difference and we are stronger if we are together!


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