Web Of Things and Firefox OS @ Footprintsx6


Hey Friends,

This blog post is about my recent event Footprints x6 at Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda’s Techfest. Workshop was held on 2 days on 20th and 21st Feburary, along with this we had live booth by Mozilla India (Gujarat Community) for all 3 days where we explained attendees about Internet Privacy and FSA Program. The Fest had participation of more than 20,000 students from state of Gujarat and all nearby places.

About Footprints

Being one of the third largest and most known technical fest of country, they have also been winners of GUINNESS RECORD and LIMCA RECORD in past years. The event from Footprints’ side was handled by Mayank Solanki who also enjoyed Mozilla’s presence at their college and were pretty satisfied with the reviews. The techfest is always under spotlight considering the amount of attendees and the guest list they have.

The Grand Entrance.


Day 1

The day kicked off with my roomates getting jealous that I wouldn’t have to go to college and would go to the techfest to do some amazing stuff for Mozilla. The three volunteers coordinated and reached the venue at 9 so that we could roam around and explore the area so that we would be more comfortable showing the Mozilla team around because we were from the same city or could know where to go or whom to contact if we needed something. Altogether, we had a lot of fun and even clicked a few pictures!



At around 10am Rahul Talreja and Dipesh Monga reached the venue and we greeted them and introduced ourselves. After that we briefed them about the crowd and events, they took a moment to look around and we started setting up camp.  The Booth was live by 12pm, and we had the crowd’s attention right away with those Mozilla and Firefox banners.


The Booth was set up with banners and swags with people flooding in asking about the FSA program, “What is it?” “You’re from Mozilla?” and we explained them everything and started recruiting FSAs on the spot. Miten and I were explaining and Dhaval was busy sorting the workshop kits with Dipesh. While we were explaining, Rahul had another privacy class going on for the ones who had enrolled with us already after listening to what Miten and I had to say.

After a while we were pretty hungry and had lunch which was provided by the Footprints team. It was long conversation among the guys while eating as we talked about how and what we can do to contribute more, Mozilla Leadership Summit, College clubs, etc.

After the lunch we went back to the booth answered many questions and recruited many more FSAs. By evening, we were tired and we packed our stuff because all of the events were almost over and while we were packing, a Footprints’ coordinator shows up and asks us to come with them for the Chris Korn’s “The Illusionist”. We packed our stuff, kept it at the guest house and went to the event as asked.


Then we got back to the guest house to prepare for next day’s workshop. First we reassembled the kit and checked the material. After all the preparation, the Footprints team came to the guest house and invited us for dinner and we went over to the New Alka Restaurant in Fatehgunj and had a great time with them.



Day 2

A new day! We reached the venue where the workshop was to be conducted and saw the Auditorium full with all the 38 teams seated in place with 3 members in each team. When we  reached, we saw Rahul already speaking with Ram Dayal and Dipesh Monga setting up his demo Arduino with Vishnu Teja. Drishti Pandya too helped us handling the crowd who constantly needed help, over 130 students had questions every time an instruction was passed out by the team. The event started witfh a brief introduction by all of us and about Firefox, Mozilla and Firefox OS. We then handed out all the kits and explained its components.

After that Ram and Dipesh came and they gave a little introduction to Internet of things (IoT) and its future scope and also explained about the new track we’re onto “Connected Devices”. After that we had an exam of Digital Communication so we left and came back after exam in the evening. On day 1 of workshop most of all the participants were ready with the robo and it was working as well. It was good to see happy faces when students really made it with Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor, L293D driver IC and motors.

After that Rahul introduced about Web Privacy with live examples of LightBeam that really surprised the students. Then Dipesh took over the mic to talk about the ‘Raspberry Pi’, and advanced micro-controller, and described its working and specifications. Dipesh gave a demo of Firefox OS on the Raspberry Pi! And also demonstrated about how can they get experience of Firefox OS even they have no phones, and that is just by using WebIDE in Firefox Browser named FoxHood. We summed up the workshop by giving them details about the Ambassador program and how it is connected to the community in Gujarat and how can they contribute to make this web a better place. The students were really into it and wanted to join the program. We gave them our contact numbers and social handles so that they could contact us local volunteers if they had any queries.

That’s how we ended the workshop on a great note, giving out certificates and Swags. The students were completely satisfied with every speaker, the kit and the volunteers too.

Proud Moment

The proud moment of being in Mozilla community and the power and value of open source we all again experienced, when Mr. Throop took his phone out for having a snap with us. And we had a word with him about Mozilla and its open source and he was truly impressed and told us that I also do use ‘Firefox’ Browser and I love it.


With Mr. Henry Throop(Senior Research Scientist(PSI), New Horizon Mission NASA)

Sponsors Banner

Mozilla Team

  • Ram Dayal
  • Rahul Talreja
  • Dipesh Monga
  • Miten Kashiyani
  • Vishnu Theja
  • Pranshu Khanna
  • Dhaval Joshi
  • Drashti Pandaya


Flickr : https://flic.kr/s/aHskuUXeiJ
Reps : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/wot-footprintsx6/
Fest Website: www.msufp.in


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