MozMeet is an event where FSAs and Reps come together and interact with each other to share information, or to make announcements, etc.


BITS Edu Campus

Attendees: Less than 50

Here it goes..

So, we had planned the MozMeet since the inauguration of the BITFox Club so that we could brief the new recruits about the FSA Program and many other things but we initiated the event after the Internet of Things event. We expected not more than 50 participants and about 40 were present which is a big deal considering that it was an OFF day at college.

The event was to start at 2pm and we had time till 5pm. Me, Dhaval and Miten were going to speak on various topics and we decided that the agenda of the day would be:

  1. About Mozilla
  2. FSA Program
  3. Contribution Areas
  4. Workshop Experience

So, Miten being the club leader started speaking About Mozilla. He talked about how Mozilla is a non-profit organization and it is made of volunteers like us who contribute to make the world a better place. We showed them videos of people who were Mozillians, and how it works and the hierarchy.

Then we 3 came together and spoke about the rest of the topics, starting from the Workshop Experience so that we would let them our know our first-hand experience and get them excited about how we worked with some of the best people and what experience and knowledge we gained.

We then moved on to the Contribution Areas with all the knowledge we gained from the reps we’ve met since we joined the program to get them a step ahead and so that they could start contributing early. We explained all of the contribution areas and urged them to start ASAP, and if they’re not free there is no pressure, start late, but do contribute!

After they got to know about the contribution areas, they were enrolled into the FSA Program and were given links to do so. The ones who weren’t were finally recruited, and there were already some who had attended the inauguration and enrolled before the event.

It was great to interact with these students and here is the Feedback given by a few of them.


They were excited, and asked us to involve them in more and more activities so that they could learn more, so.. Onto the next one!



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