#TeachTheKids is an initiative which aims at educating school kids about the basics of Computers, Internet and other similar stuff, in a fun and interactive way. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with fewer facilities. The scope of this could be extended by forming Webmaker School Clubs.


March 21, 2016 – 9am to 12pm


Shree Seva Samaj Sharda Mandir, Varnama, Vadodara

ATTENDEES: 100-150 Students


My family has been donating clothes, toys, etc. to kids on festivals since I was a kid and it’s a joy to watch them have those and the smile on their faces when they get it so it has been my goal on a personal level to contribute to the ones in need however I can because I know what not having the right resources mean. We’ve been brought up with a silver spoon if we compare ourselves to these poor kids who don’t have much options but to study in the same Government school where they have only one computer in the whole school, that too in the Principal’s office. This has been a motive for me, to contribute to this part of the society so that even if they mightn’t become great CEOs or anything, at least they won’t be left behind.


So, we had been urging Miten to talk to the Principal of the school who apparently is his neighbor and could give us dates so that we could further process that to our college and get permission and plan things ahead and only a week ago we had decided that we’re going to do this, finally!

Me, Dhaval and Miten were so excited and were preparing all the content and watching videos on how to teach kids while entertaining them because it won’t be as easy to educate them then it is to adults because they have the prerequisites and these kids don’t. We prepared some content which had a few Presentations, a few Word Files and a few images to show them what we couldn’t bring or wasn’t available.


We selected our team on the basis of enthusiasm shown by the new recruits and their interaction level,  on how open they are so that they could freely interact with the kids without hesitation. The Final Team was:

  1. Miten Kashiyani
  2. Pranshu Khanna
  3. Dhaval Joshi
  4. Aarti Tahiliani
  5. Shruti Chaturvedi
  6. Maitri Bhavsar
  7. Dharmesh Solanki
  8. Tatvagna Shah
  9. Ripunjay Patel


We decided our final team by Friday and explained the content to them. We decided to take the students in groups because we planned classes for standards 6th to 9th and it wouldn’t be possible to teach them all at once because the school didn’t have such a big hall/auditorium which could fit these many students and we also wanted to make sure that every student gets attention and learns. So, the groups were:

6th and 7th: Miten, Aarti and Ripunjay

8th: Pranshu, Shruti and Dharmesh

9th: Dhaval, Maitri and Tatvagna


The day had finally come! Me, Dhaval and the three girls met at the Bus Depot at around 8:15am and went on to hire an auto to take us to the village where we reached there by 8:40am. Meanwhile, we could spot our fellow Mozillians riding towards the destination. We reached and went straight to the Principal’s office to personally meet him and to discuss the agenda for the day, which was:

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Parts of a Computer
  3. What is Internet?
  4. Operating System
  5. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint


The Principal went on to give instructions to the teachers while we discussed how we were going to manage the use of the Computer as there was only one and we had to make sure that they learn the basic computer and then could see the difference between a computer and laptop. He then called us outside where we saw all the students sitting in a particular order around where the seats were set. We were then asked to get seated as the Principal addressed the students the value of computers in future and asked them to learn well as they didn’t have the resources and the staff to teach what we were there to teach them. We then gave our introductions to the students in Gujarati/Hindi as it was a Gujarati Medium School and they didn’t understand much of English. The students were interactive and seemed pretty excited to learn something new.


We then distributed the students according to their classes and even the teams went on to their classes. We were in charge of the 8th standard, so we headed towards the 8th standard class to teach them some new things.

We started off with the basics of Computer, the ALU, CU, RAM, ROM, etc. and then went on to the parts of the computer and how the input and output devices work. We had a computer to point it out to them, so it was really helpful and then we moved on to, What is Internet? More than half of the class knew what is internet due to the smartphone culture. The students interacted well and were very keen to learn. The group I led had Shruti and Dharmesh in it, two excellent volunteers who were able to reach out to them when needed and even explained them bit by bit everything they needed to learn. Since I’m not too fluent in speaking Gujarati, they corrected me when I was wrong and were extremely helpful.


After letting them know about the World Wide Web, we explained them how web addresses works and how do we connect to it. After that, we covered Operating Systems, since they need to know about working environments in order to be a smart consumer later on. The understanding of a topic such Operating systems enabled us to explain them about Files, Folders, Applications and Browsers. That was what we taught them in a nutshell.

After the completion of the discussed Agenda, we asked them a few questions and gave out swags and chocolates to the ones who answered. A girl who stood out of the crowd was, Parthvi who was extremely intelligent and knew half of it beforehand and we urged her to study harder so that she could chase her dreams someday, it’s inspiring really!

We wrapped up the event with a picture with the Principal and the school staff, and clicked a few selfies with the team which was followed by a Group Lunch in a Food Court nearby.

It’s funny how sometimes we forget the importance of education, only when you see someone who doesn’t have the resources you realize how good you had it. It was a successful event and an inspiring one. The team enjoyed, the kids enjoyed and the teachers were happy to see their students participate.

Doing Good Is a Part Of Our Code.

Signing off, Pranshu Khanna! 🙂


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