The Baroda Trio i.e., Dhaval, Miten and Me had been planning this since a long time but we just couldn’t find enough time from our schedules to pull this off since an event like this takes about a month at least to perfectly execute. Although, if you’ve read my previous blogs you’d know how I always say that we three have been planning this and that and yes, we always do but we can’t just pull it off really easily.


A couple of months before the event there were discussions about the venues and the website and the swags and the budget, etc. I couldn’t participate and I was busy somewhere and I checked my phone and it said 300-something Telegram messages. I thought, what now? Is it about the re-structure? Or test pilot? But no, it was Gujarat’s first maker party and I was excited cause we’d been planning this since a long time and now it’s finally happening. We all participated and put in our suggestions and the day went on until we got our final venue.


I went off for a vacation to Delhi and Himachal, and I was out for a pretty long time. You can enjoy some moments from my trips too. 😀

When I came back(Major network issues feat. BSNL), I can only see messages of this is done and that is to be completed and stuff. I was done pretty fast and I cannot take any of the credit for the work they’d done cause the team worked really well and fast. I didn’t know how the days passed but what we thought, they did it.

Since they were far off ahead in their preps, I couldn’t participate and help and me entering to help now would’ve made no sense so I let it be and watched the build a Maker Party Gujarat website which is so cool! I had stuff and events of my own to handle so I moved on to that and promised to try and be there during the events.


The day had finally arrived, I tweeted(@pransh15) how I was excited for the Maker Party and even posted it on Snapchat(@pransh15). I took a BRTS and reached the Chandkheda GTU Campus in an hour only to find thousand of students clogging the gate and then and there I realized what i was told when i was sitting with two Mozilla Reps about 8-10 months ago, Rahul Talreja had said, “It has the potential to change the face of the coming generation if done right.” and he was right! I asked Dhaval after entering, how many people? He said 4500! I was shell-shocked! Whoa!

The events had started already and we all volunteers were in different workshops making sure that the proceedings were going fine and they were. The students seemed to enjoy every workshop whether it was WebCompact, Python, MozVR, Material Design. We didn’t have one single complaint from the students.

I couldn’t be there the next day as I had to be somewhere else and Mansi made sure that she made me feel guilty about not being there. Well, she succeeded in doing that!


Here are some Twitter posts from that day, enjoy!


If you’ve made it till here, you have a lot of patience!

Anyway, from this event I realized that we can make a big big difference with more such workshops because some people just need just one day to turn around their lives and that can happen for these students and even if one of them succeeds in his/her life, we win.

Signing off, Praanshu Khanna! 🙂


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