Hey Guys!

This is My Mozilla Story!

I enrolled for the Firefox Student Ambassador program long ago, in August and have been trying to stay active since then. I learned about the Mozilla from a fellow batch mate who went on to become the Club Lead of the BITFox Club and I joined the club to host awesome events.

Once I became a part of the Ambassadors program, I loitered around to find something to do and be a part and contribute but then I wasn’t aware, How does it work? How do I do stuff and contribute? I needed to know and started planning an intro session/event at my college by a Rep with Miten but we had a long vacation, and after that we had exams so we couldn’t.

Just when our exams got over, we tried to get in touch with Reps so that we could start a club and get on with it. We finally had a talk with Mayur Patil who linked us to Siddhartha Rao who helped us open the first club in Baroda. Mozilla’s presence in this city was a big deal in itself, and there and then we promised ourselves to take this community to new heights.

Not even a month later, I got a call from Miten regarding the Footprintsx6’s Web of Things workshop and that we’ve been called to attend the event as we are local volunteers. The main Speakers were Ram Dayal gurumukhi, Rahul Talreja and Dipesh Monga. The event was amazing, and we had a lot of fun. With me, Miten and Dhaval Joshi volunteered including a WoMo, Drashti Pandya. Even Vishnu Teja graced us with his presence and shared his knowledge about IoT and Firefox OS.

After Footprints, the three volunteers/attendees discussed a lot about getting it to the crowd who missed it, the folks at BITFox Club so we organized an event at our college, the MozMeet! Miten, Dhaval and I gave an overview about the FSA program to the new recruits and also spoke about IoT and the workshop we attended, it was amazing and we recruited over 30 new FSAs that day!

The MozMeet was a complete success and we saw the future of BITFox Club in our college, these kids were so enthusiastic! We then thought of what next? What would be our next step? And me and Miten always wanted to do a Social Responsibility event so that we could give something back to the community. #TeachTheKids was planned and we taught the kids about Computers, Internet and Firefox Browser.

A grand event like Maker Party can never be ignore, which is what I attended next and I could see so many young and budding engineers trying to make their way through to every workshop which is just a delight to see! I had never seen so many Gujarat Technological University students on the same venue, not even at TechFests!

Since the Maker Party was over, it was time to select a few and go for the MakerFest was around the corner which was pretty great and had much much more exposure for me, and I met some really awesome people and also, with some really amazing experiences and things I could relate to! It has been my favorite Mozilla event till date, and my best overall event, ever!

After that, I took on a few Campus Clubs events since I was about to become a Regional Coordinator which was pretty great, so we took a trip to Saffrony College in Mehsana. All about it, here.

Another month, another event. This time, it was an year for the three of the BitFox Club members, who had started the club and their Mozilla journey together. It’d have been an year for us. More so, we wanted to capitalize on the opportunity we had, and learn more about VR and A-Frame. Along with Ram Vaishnav, Trishul Goel and Parth Osho, we went on ahead to host over a 150 students at MSU, Vadodara for the WebVR Workshop.

I knew things about WebVR, and people from Nirma wanted me to let them know that! It includes a smashing performance on closer, so do read it. Don’t ask me why, it’s all in the blog! We had a cracking time at the Nirma University, Ahmedabad studying WebVR + A-Frame at the WebVR Camp!

I moved my focus to doing more than just events and contributing more individually. This is when my project Web4All got me into the Open Leadership Cohort 4 and I was hooked to working with Abby! This was also the time when I had just started to design for the community, I suggested a few logos for Mozilla India, Rust India, Rust Hacks, and a few more.. which is how I bumped up to #8 Contributor in the coming months for mozilla/OpenDesign. Woohoo!

I had a bit of dry spell for the rest of 2017 in terms of events because of College, and my Final Year Project, my Open Leadership Project and my Gaming StartUp. I made a Bone Conduction Hearing Device for the disabled as my FY Project, it basically used Bone Conduction to send out electric signals to the skull which delivers it to the brain. I even got featured in the local newspaper.

Before that semester ended, around the first week of October, it was time to free up my schedule for the launch of Firefox Quantum at the Yuvalay eLab. The Lab based in Vadodara, Gujarat has been quite involved with Workshops in the past and they have had experience in managing events, and they were doing it along with Miten of BitFox Club. Mozillians from Vadodara & Ahmedabad got together to find bugs with new very new Firefox Quantum.

The new year struck and it was time to go for MakerFest, again! We were at it, with meeting new people and spreading the Mozilla Mission in Ahmedabad again. The MakerFest 2018 was a fun experience. The theme had changed a bit, and it wasn’t the same as the first one since it featured more Makers and this one featured more Entrepreneurs. I met a lot of new people from the Mozilla Community itself though, it was still amazing!

I took on Spread Open Healthy Web by Fahima Zulfath as a mentee under the Mozilla Open Leadership Cohort 5.

I have covered a lot of places in Gujarat, giving lectures and conducting workshops but there was one place which no one has ever covered was Vasad. A small town near Vadodara where SVIT College resides. They already have a Mozilla Campus Club, and had their annual Tech Fest ready for students to get explored by. A WebVR Workshop was on the charts for them, and me and Pratik Parmar arrived there and we took the lecture. Over a 160 students attended the workshop where I found a couple of amazing future volunteers for the Mozilla Gujarat Community.

A couple of days later was the FootPrints X8 where I was glad to call Prathamesh Chavan(#CouncilWaaleSir), Md Shabaz Alam and Shina Dhingra for a workshop on WebXR. The event featured a day of Web VR and a second day of Web AR. The event was superb, and we got a lot of new experiences from there. The volunteers had a lot of fun as well. No wonder, the FootPrints is always a treat for the Mozilla Community in Gujarat.

I was happy to get invited by Parul University to sit as one of the jury members in a hackathon they had conducted. The Hackathon had a few diferent themes and since I have had a lot of experiences on the device front as well as the coding front, I felt ready to use my experience to help students build. This really was an honor, to be there and help students build and guide. A lot of students came to me, to ask for feedback on their projects and that just felt brilliant.

The coming month was Mozilla’s 20th Birthday, and I attended that along with Pranjal Vyas and Viral Parmar in Ahmedabad. It was a delightful afternoon where we chatted and spent time for a few hours and reminisced over old memories.

My third Cohort with Mozilla Open Leaders, and second time as a Mentor! I took on Jandig, an AR based project from Brazil. Angelo Pixel and Heloise Cullen are my mentees from Brazil. The AR Project is based on Art and Augmented Reality Installations, the project even featured at the MozFest, which is brilliant! OL6 Cohort D is where we talk and reside. I’m so happy to be a part of the Mozilla Open Leadership Community.

Anand and Nadiad are two towns between Ahmedabad and Vadodara is where CHARUSAT University is. It was Mozilla’s first presence there and I organized Mozilla’s presence there. The workshop was about WebXR, the VR and AR space was to be explored and me and Md Shabaz Alam took this workshop. We got a group of amazing learners and a lot of projects on WebVR & A-Frame. It was a brilliant experience to take a workshop with one of my mentors.

I had proposed a session on Fake News & Misinformation along with a fellow contributor from the Mozilla India Community. Shina Dhingra and I were confident and poised to go to London and share our knowledge with the world. It was an interactive session, and it was brilliant! We had a lot of fun at the MozFest, and even met Mitchell Baker! Oh my God, it was amazing! We gained a lot of insight on our talk as well, from an Author, a Journalist, a Cryptographer, and a lot of programmers who talked about fighting Fake News on different platforms as well. It was just brilliant!

That’s it for now, there will be something new added to this summary of my Mozilla story every time I do something new or learn something new with Mozilla!